me & the idea


My name is Alex and I am passionate about photography and videography mainly for sport or surf events. When I am on a surf trip I always have my camera with me to capture waves, life and culture.
Beside my daily job I create videos for companies and sport teams. If you are interested in my work just contact me via email because most of the videos are not public.

If you need a photographer or videographer to get some shots or videos from your surf session or for your business just leave me a message.


The idea behind this media blog is to provide free surf media from different locations around the world.

Being a surfer I know that you sometimes like get some pics of your wave of the day after a good surf or just flip through some good surf pics from the location you were surfing.
I did not find any website providing an opportunity to upload surf content for free and tag a day or location that the surfers can search for it.

So the simple idea behind this blog is to share surf content (pictures and videos) with everyone who is interested. On the blog you can search by location or date.
If you find yourself on one of the pictures just leave a comment or send an e-mail to get the image in full resolution.

If you are also a photographer and would like to share your pics just contact me for a user to log in to this blog.

Enjoy flipping through the media hangloose